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2200 TO 4270 MTS.

Many beautiful lakes are scattered along the pir panjal range on both flanks of the rothang pass.Bhrigu lake, where the sage Bhrigu rishi is supposed to have meditated, is revered by the local people.


Trek starts at whispering Rocks, a few kms. beyond palchan on the manali-rothang road. Gradual ascent out of the beas nallah, over agricultural fields and a succession of "thatches"separated by dense forests of deodar, fir and spruce under which the rare taxus bacatta can also be crosses khanora thatch and maple thatch, so named because its floor is completely carpeted with the leaves of the numerous maple trees that surround it.A large number of fallen trees here, evidence of the heavy snowfall-3 to 5mts-that occurs here.


After four hours the first campsite is reached-siyander thatch(3350mts), named after the stream that flows on its southern flank,encircled by dwarf rhododendron and kharsu oak the west, across the beas far below, the view is panoramic, encompassing the mighty peaks at the junction of the pir panjal and dhauladhar ranges: Hanuman tibba, patalsu, makarbay, shakarbay, friendship peak. seven sisters, tentu pass. Day two involves a 1000mts. ascent to bhrigu lake, over alpine pastures in a SE direction , then over rock fields left by the retreating glaciers. The lake is tucked away in a bowl and is not visible till you actually reach it -surrounded by snow fields and topped by a 100m. mound on which a holy cairn has been built.


The second night is spent in siyander thatch again, and next day one can return the way one came ,or exist to the north, traversing the ridge, crossing the khanora and kothi nallahs and descending to gulaba. we saw nine monal pheasants on this stretch, so it's a route worth taking!

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