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2650 TO 4227 MTS.

Hamta is the eastern -most pass on the pir panjal range which divides the valleys of lahaul and kullu.This trek route is the shortest line between the chandra and Beas rivers and was the favoured route before the road over the rothang pass was the favoured route before the road over the Rothang pass was constructed.trek commences at sethan village,8kms above Prini on the left bank of the Beas.Track goes upstream on the left bank of the Alain stream northwards,past kharmdiari(3400mts.)sarotu thatch,jabri,crosses over to the right bank; a gentle ascending walk of an hour ends at the first day's camp site-chhikka(3500mts), a pleasant meadow between high bluffs,just above the tree line: common to see a couple of gujjar encampments there.


on day 2 one continues to follow the Alain north-east, the ascent becoming steeper.After two hours one comes to the huge pasture of jaura thatch,carpeted with ferns and alpine flowers,then Balu ka Ghera-a massive, circular depression wherethe Alain forms a lake.Track circles the lake, climbs a 200mts. rockfall and ends at a shelf: this is Ratan thali the camp site (3900mts). To the north are high 6000mts.peaks-dharamsura, papsura-from which hang a myriad glaciers. from one of these the alain is born.


on day 3 a stiff one hour climb brings one to the hamta pass.The view to the north-lahaul-is amazing.2000 feet straight below is the Hamta stream, emerging from the Hamta glacier to the east and flowing northwards to the chandra valley.Descent is initially very steep, but then it is a lovely walk of about three hours on the alpine grasslands on right bank of Hamta to the chandra river.Hamta meets the chandra three kms. above the tiny hamlet of chatru, which is on the main highway connecting manali and kaza

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