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Trekking Routes Near Kaza
Trekking Routes Near Kaza

 Some of the trekking routes

1;- langza – hikkim – comic

These three villages situated at heights between 13,500 ft and 14,400 ft above m.s.l

Favourite route for those looking for fossils. Near comic village is famous thangyud monastery. The older structure was near hikkim village. But this dilapidated structure was brought down in an earthquake in 1975. Some ruins still remain . one can go by road small vehicles only from  kaza to langza 8.5kms ; then walk to hikkim – thangyud gompa – comic 8kms and finaly walk down to kaza from comic  6kms . alternatively  one can walk upto comic from kaza 6kms ; then walk to  thangyud gompa  - hikkim and back to kaza  9kms

Those wanting to make a make a night halt should carry tents etc. medical worker is available at hikkim village.

2;- kaza – pin parvati trek

It is a strenuous trek of 8 to 9 days through the barren and desolate region of the pin parbati valleys. There is no habitation along the trail for many days. Porters should be hired at manali.

Best period ;- august 1 to September 20


The bus  from kaza crosses the spiti river near attargo , 12kms  from kaza and just before lingti. From there it is a 13kms rough and dusty journey to guling along the pin river 3kms up stream from guling , a foot trail reaches the parahio nala;  this river is crossed with the aid of pulleys and the path continues to sangam 3753mts where a pwd rest house is located. The trail from sangam to mud is again very rough and strenuous, mud is a small village of about 30 houses situated approximately 13kms from sangam . the following days walk leads through beautiful grazing grounds in the upper pin valley. After crossing the larang nala by a boulder – stream track, the trail reaches ghurguru camping ground. From there the trail becomes strenuous and leads over loose stony ground and , after crossing many turbulent streams, reaches the snout of the pin glacier. The trail then climbs steeply over snow fields. Towards the top of the pin- parbati pass the  snow becomes very soft and one sinks knee deep into it. The top of the pass is litered with boulders.

The trail continues down from the pass to the parbati glacier, mantalai camping ground 4074mts is situated just, beyond the snout of  the parvati glaciers and there ia a large rock shelter that can accommodate more than 30 people. The trail continues  downwards and passes through the meadows of kach thatch and bakar bihar thatch to reach pandu bridge 3741mts. One can continue down alongside the parbati river as far as manikaran, 1700mts , 32’ 01 n, 77’ 22 e where boiling hot water springs are a welcome sight. There is hotel parvati at manikaran, also a gurudwara sikh temple where one may  stay. Kullu , the capital of kullu valley, is a three hrs 45 kms  bus journey from manikaran .

3;- kibber 4205 mts – gete 4270m trek

Situated at about (4270 m )m.s.i gate is the higest permanently inhabited village of spiti .A jeepable road goes there ansd also a walk of about 6 km from kibber through alpine pastures takes you there .alternatively one can walk up from ki – monastery tents/sleeping bags .basic food provisions are available at kibber

4 :- KAZA (3600 m )

Kibber (4205 m ) ….18 km

Kibber (4205 m) highest inhabited village in the world where inspite of vagaries of nature temperature drops below -35 ‘ c   people still are surviving  and continuously repeating the universal hymn ‘om mani padme hum…

LADARCHA is the name of an open ground beyond kibber village where a traditional trade used to be held in earlier times .then the fair was mare a trade fair where people from ladakh ,Tibet spiti kullu and kinnaur is much reduced instead the fair is an epitome of spitian culture and way oflife 

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