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2320 TO 5040 MTS.

Connecting Bharmour area of chamba and pattan valley of lahaul. from roadhead at Hadsar, follow the Budhil stream for 12kms, to the twin villages of kugti where one can stay at a small forest rest-house.Day2is 12kms. to kuddi got(4000mts).past the famous keylang or kartik temple, after a not too easy crossing of the Budhil.

The walk is over lovely pastures with a spectacular view of the mighty chamba kailash on the can camp at the huge overhang cave at Duggi but it is adviseable to press on to kuddi got to shorten the next day's strenuous climb.The climb to the pass on day 3 is very difficult, over icefields, and extreme caution is advised. if the weather takes a turn for the worse it is sensible to abort the trek and return. It takes five hours to the pass and another 4kms to the camping site at khardu(3550mts):the descent is over glaciated and scree covered terrain, and very steep.

The final day covers about 12kms .to Rappe village on the banks of the chandrabhaga river, in the pristine pattan valley with its fields of potato and pea spread out like a colourful quilt. The river is crossed over a bridge to shansha village which is on the road connecting keylong, udaipur and manali.

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