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Himachal offers the most amazing and variegated trekking options to the adventurous minded: cold deserts,high mountains, dense forest, alpine pastures . The degree of difficulty can range from moderate to strenuous to extremely difficult, and the elevations from 2000meters to 5500meters.The duration can stretch from 2days to 8days. And,true to its unique claim to being the DEV BHOOMI where the Pandavas roamed in exile,every valley has its own Devta, and every trek is imbued withits own mythological aura,adding a unique facet to one's travels in the remoter areas.The state also has 2 National Parks and 32 wildlife sanctuaries: many trekking routes pass through these protected areas and there is every chance of spotting the unique wildlife of these temperate forests including the highly endangered snow leopard, western tragopan and musk deer.Although every district of the state can lay claim to popular treks,the prime trekking areas lie in Kullu,Kangra,Chamba,Kinnaur,Lahaul and Spiti and upper Shimla.Brief profiles of some of the more enjoyable and interesting treks are given below

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