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 Alwar –bharatpur

Keoladedo national park ; a paradise for the avian world, and the pilgrimage for the birds lovers, it was known as the best duck shooting resort in the british empire .but was declared a reserve for birds in 1956. And later upgraded to national park .UNESCO has listed is ideal as it is on the main north-south avian route of india . although small in size , 29sqkms . only , it boasts  to house more than 375 species of  beautiful birds , and more than 132 of them  breed inside the keoladeo Ghana  national park and nearly every year new ones are added to the list. The sanctuary  not only attracts birds from  india but also from places like  Europe, Siberia ,china and Tibet before monsoons hundreds  of these exotic birds  roots and nest building activities start on the babool and kadam trees  of the park . water coming through the ajan bandh starts filling the various ponds and lakes of the park .

Sariska tiger reserve; .. sariska , in rajasthan , the erstwhile royal preserve of the  rulers of alwar, became a sanctuary in the year 1958. The  sanctuary came under the project tiger in 1979 and became a national park in 1982. It is located at kankwari fort , near alwar , on the delhi – Jaipur highway. The terrain is predominantly hilly , as it lies in the aravalli ranges. It has total area of 788sq.kms. with a core area of approximately 474sqkms. The beautiful siliserh lake runs along the edge of the reserver with a quaint hunting lodge  overlooking it. At last count in 1985, there 35 tigers were reported. Other carnivores of the area are the  panther,  jungle cat, jackal and hyena. Three caracals were also reported during the last census in 1985. Other animals include the sambar, chital, wild boar, hare, nilgai and umpteen porcupines. The birds –life comprises of the pea fowl , gray partridge,quail, sand grouse, tree pie, white breasted kingfisher, golden-backed woodpecker, crested serpent eagle and indian horned owl. Magnificent ruins peppered around the neighbourhood of sariska add to the regions fascination. The neelkanth [shiva] temple  [6th-13th century A.D.] are just 32kms from the park and the ancient kankwari fort inside the reserve, is  where emperor Aurangzeb once held his  brother dara shikoh captive..a beautiful palace complex built in 1902 has been converted in to a hotel .

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