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2000 TO 5300MTS

A challenging trek to the last major land-locked regon of the state.starts from Billing.8kms. of the main pathankot-mandi highway 30kms from Baijnath.( Billing is famous for an international para gliding event held every october.)


first stage is 14kms of pleasant hiking to the forest rest house at Rajagunda(8000feet) in the Uhl two is 16kms to panahartu(12000feet),situated in an icy, wind swept gorge which has to be crossed over permanent ice-bridges: the river Uhl takes birth is four hours of strenuous climbing to the Thamsar pass


next day: on the other side one has to walk and slide across a massive glacier at least a mile wide which feeds three lakes from which springs the Thamsar Nalla. path follows the Nalla down to Merh(1400feet)and then udeg(12000feet) where one can camp.Night are very cold  at these heights and there is no wood to burn.


on the fourth day one descends for three hours to the Ravi valley and the large twin villages of Bara trekking routes goes NE from here to the kullu valley over the kalihani pass.A day's rest at the lovely forest rest house here is adviseable.No one knows why these people, who are primarily shepherds, settled in this remote, inhospitable exist westward along the Ravi:


the fifth day's trek is the most difficult,32kms over a succession of ridges, on a barely discernible path hundreds of feet above the river in its gorge, past tiny hamlets of khanar,dardi and khurdu.spend the night at a primitive but comfortable guest house at day it is only 8kms on a gently descending track to nayagram, on the left bank of the ravi, from where one can catch a bus for holi Bharmour or chamba.this is a amazing trek but requires a very high degree of physical fitness

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