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2200 TO 3500 MTS.

This trek takes one from the beas valley to the parbati valley, over two passes and through the legendary village of malana.It begins from rumsu 6kms above Naggar on the left bank of the beas.climbing southwards from Rumsu, through dense forests of cedar, spruce and oak , one passes stellag and Dhan karari thatches.The view of the pir panjal to the north is mind-blowing.


First day's halt is at chaklani(3300mts.) just below the chandrakhani pass(3500mts.) Chandrakhani is one of the most beautiful passes in the state, with wide snow covered slopes leading up to it and a thick carpet of birch, spruce and bhojpatra extending almost to the top.Beyond the pass is the malana valley, ruled by jamlu devta who inspires total obedience even today. unremitting descent of 6000feet to malana village.Malana has its own unique customs, religion, architecture and form of democracy where the village Panchayat decides  everythings.Reputed to be the oldest democracy in the world, its residents descended from the soldiers of Alexander's armies. no rest houses here, so best to camp beyond the malana stream.


Third day's trek of about 18kms.Over the Rasol pass (3200mts.)which divides this valley from the parbati valley. Stupendous view of the malana glacier and high alpine pastures to the east.steep descent on other side to Rasol village, then 8kms, to chalal, a much bigger hamlet on right bank of  the parbati. Abounds in rest house. pool parlours and cafes serving italian, french and israeli cuisine ! very popular with young Europeans final stretch is a delightful, 2kms walk on the bank up the foaming parbati, cross over a bridge to left bank and arrive at kasol village, the road-head for Bhuntar, kullu and mandi. It has forest rest house, HPTDC hotel and private boarding houses

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