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The Fort

The golden hued fort is a sentinel to the bleak desertscape from its 80mtrs hight perch on the hill ,housing the entire town ship with in its ramparts .it has an enchanting cow –web of narrow lanes dotted with some lovely havelis three beautifully sculptured jain temple of the 12th 15th century AD and five interconnected palaces .the fort is approached through four gateways –akhaiyal ganeshpol ,surajpoland and havapol.


Amain market place outside the fort leads to the narrow lanes dotted with famous havelies

Gadsisar lake :

A scenic rain water lake with numerows beautiful shrines around and a spectacular avian variety .The lake is an idyllic spot for outings.

Taazias Tower :A pagoda like structure looming up from the badal mahal with beautiful Taazia’s –ornately decorated bamboo paper and tinsel replicas of abier carried out in procceion during moharram by the muslims.


Some of the most exotic mansions or havelis all intricately latticed are strew all over jaisalmer –each with a different façade .


The late 19th century haveli with intricate architecture a display of sheer crafts manship.The left and right wings of the mension which were carved by two brothers are not identical but very similar and balanced in desige .The interior walls were are ornate with plended miniature paintings.

Patwon –Ki—Haveli:

The most elaborate and magnificent of all the jaisalmer havelies .it has exquisitely carved pillarsents of this five story high haveli is   is painted with beautiful murals.

Salim Singh-ki-Haveli

This 300years old haveli of jaisalmer prime minister Maharaja rawal gaj singh –salim  singh has a beautiful blue cupola roof with superbly canved brakets in the form of peacocks .this extraordinary mansion in yellow stone is coverd with intricate carvings and has an elaborate projecting balcony on the tpo story .The mansion is one of the most notable of the array of havelis .

Jain Temple :

The fort has three exquisitely carved jain temples dedicated to the jain  tirthankar –rishabbhelev,sambhavnath and paraswanath.


The ancient capital of jaisalmer and an important pilgrim spot of the jain community with some magnificence jain temple .”toran “or the ornate arches at thw main entrance and splendid carving are note worthy .A kalptaru or a divine tree within is the main attraction of the temple

Wood Fossil Park ,Aakal (17kms):

Lying on the barmer road ,this park takes you back to the Jurassic period (when the whole thar region lay under the sea ).with 180million tear old fossils –the geological landmarks for the study of the thar desert .

Sam sand dunes (42kms)

No trip to jaisalmer is complete with out a trip to the most picturesque dunes of sam .The ripples on the wind –cressed dunes that create an anchanting mirage ,are surely a delight for a trigger –happy photographer .

Various culture programmes are organised against the backdrop of these fascinating sand dunes .exciting camel safaris allow you to get the real feel of the deert on the camel back .

DESERT national park (45kms):

The landscape of the desert national park is dominated by rolling sand dunes and scrub covered hills .the prominent fauna of the park includes black buck buck chinkara ,desert fox and the great indian bustard .

Bada Bagh (6kms ):

A fertile oasis on the bank of an artificial lake .much of the city’s fruits and vegetable are grown here .surround by dense trees are the royal cenotaphs with beautifully carved ceilings and equestrian statues of the forms rules .

Jodh pur

 Umaid bhawan palace ;

The only 20th century palace built under the famine relief project that gave empioyment to famine  stuck population . the palace was completed in 16 years

Girdikot & sardar market ;

These colourful markets with tiny shops dotting the narrow lanes are situated   in the heart of the city and are popular for a wide range  of handicraft, making them the favourite  haunt of shoppers .

Mehrangarh fort  ;

 The 5kms long majestic  fort on a 125 metre high hill is one of the most impressive  and formidable structures.although invincible from the outside, the fort has four gates approached by a winding road .with in the fort are some magnificent palaces with   marvelouslycarved panels, latticed windows and evocative names, not worthy of these are the moti mahal , the phool mahal, the sheesh  mahal, the silehkhana  and  the daulat khana . these places house a fabulous collection of troppings of indian  royalty including a superb collection of palanquins, elephant hawdahs , miniature paintings of various school , musical instruments. Costumes and furniture.

Jaswant thada ;

A cluster of royal cenotaphs in white marble built in 1899 a,d . in memory of maharaja jaswant  singh  ii . with in main cenotaph are the  portraits of various jodhpur rules .

Girdikot & sardar  markets ;

These colourful markets with tiny shops dotting the narrow lanes are situated in the heart of the city  and are popular for a wide range of handicrafts, marking  them the favourite haunt of shoppers .

Balsamand  lake  & gardens  [5kms ];

A pretty lake built in 1159 a. d.  a splendid summer palace stands by the lake side surrounded by beautiful gardens . an idyllic spot for excursions.

Mandore  [8kms ] ;

The ancient capital of marwar has cenotaphs  of the jodhpur rulers . the hall of heroes has  fifteen figures carved out of the rock on the wall which represent hindu deities. Its beautiful  gardens  with high rock terraces make it a popular picnic spot .

Mahamandir  temple [9kms ];

Built in  1812 a. d.   it is noteworthy temple with 84 carved pillars .

Kailana lake [11kms ] ;

The beautiful lake is an ideal picnic spot .

Osian [58kms ];

An oasis in the desert, situated on the  diversion off the main  jodhpur –bikaner highway . a drive to this  ancient township takes one past  undulating  terrain, punctuated by desert stretches and little hamlets .osian has 15 beautifully sculptured jain and brahmanical temples ,of these the most out standing ones ar the earlier sury or sun temple  and the later kali temple, sachiya mata temple and the main jain temple  dedicated to lord mahavira.

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