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5DAYS. 100KMS.
1200 TO 5227 MTS.

One of the most revered peaks in himachal. Abounding in mythology of shiva-parvati and the pandavas. situated on the border of shimla and kullu.Alternate routes exist but best to start from sairopa and exit from Baghipul.Base camp is the very comfortable trekker's hostel at sairopa on the banks of the Tirthan in the Banjar valley.


Day one covers 18kms along and across the furious palchan khad to phlach(9000fts).


Day two is a 22kms trek. first half is a 2000feet climb over a carpet of alpine flowers and grasses to the 3950mts high pattu Burji; second half is a much more strenuous descent over nallahs and ice-bridges to Bhimdwar. camp site is in a lush valley at 3600mts encircled by towering waterfalls.


third day's trek most  demanding: one has to climb more than 1600mts over 8kms., the last 1300mts over sheer moraine and huge boulders. There are compensations, however, on the way;the majestic but extremely rare brahmkamal flower can be sighted in the dozens, the poignant Nain Sarovar, a glacial lake supposedly born of a teardrop from the eyes of the Goddess parvati, bhim ki bahi- huge stone tablets with hieroglyphic markings on them: they are supposed to be the tablets on which Bhim kept account of the pandavas'travels ! And finally the enormous srikhand peak itself-a black, cracked rock monolith 20mts high- the shivling, surrounded by a permanent  snowfield. It is an unforgettable sight. Return to bhimdwar for the night.


on the fourth day one returns via a different route, over the appropriately named Danda dhar, down to the deep kurpen khad, and on to the quaint forest house at samatan for the night.


The next day it's short walk to the roadhead at baghipul, five hours drive from shimla.

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