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City Palaces :

A majestic architectural marvel  towering over the lake on a hill surrounded by crenallated walls it is a conglomeration of outyards pavilions ,treraces ,corridors ,rooms and hanging garden .

The main entrance is through the triple arched gate the ‘tripollia ‘with eight marble porticos .the Maharana were weighed under the gate in the gold in the gold the equivalenit amount of which was distributed among the populace

The surag Gokunda the balcony of the sun is where the suryavanshi maharanas of mewar presented themselves to the people in time of trouble to restore their confidence .the mor chowk known as for its exquisite peacock mosaics inglass and the chini chitrashalanoted for its blue and white cermics are other attraction in the palace

Partap Memorial

 A top the moti magri or pearlhill overlooking the fateh sagar lake is the memorial of the Rajput hero maharana pratap with a bronze statue of the maharana

Sajjan memorial

Dominating the citys skylineis the monsoon palace of sajjangarh .it afters a panoramic overview of the citys lakes palaces and the surrounding country side .

Gulab  Bagh :

A spetectacular rose garden laid out by maharana a sajjan singh .A libreryin the garden has a rare collection of ancient handwritten manuscripts and books .

Fateh Sagar :

A beautifull lake overlooked by a number of hills on the three sides and the pratap memorial on the north was built by maharana fateh singh .in the middle of the lake is Nehru park –a lovely garden is land with a boot shopped café accessible by an enjoyable boat ride .

Pichhola lake ;

The picturesque lake that entranced  maharaja udia singh . it was later enlarged by the founder. The  lake is surrounded by hills, palaces, temples, bathing ghats  and embankments . two island palaces , jag mandir  and jag niwas [lake palace ] on the lake are of breathtaking .

Jagdish temple ;

Built in 1651 A.D.  by maharana jagat singh ,this indo-aryan temple  is the largest  and the most  beautiful temple  of Udaipur  with noteworth  sculpted images .

Bharatiya lok kala mandir ;

The interesting collection  exhibited by this indian folk art museum includes  folk dress ,ornaments, puppets, masks, dolls ,folk musical instruments folk deities and paintings.

Saheliyon –ki- bari [garden of the maids of honour] ;

This small ornamental garden was a popular relaxing spot where royal ladies came for a stroll and hence the name .the garden has many fountains in its four delightful pools, chiselled kiosks and marble elephants .


Vijay stambh [victory tower ];

 the imposing 37mts high structure with nine storeys covered with equisite  sculptures of hindu deities and depicting episodes from the two great epics-ramayana &mahabharatha. It was  built in 1440 A.D. by maharana kumbha, a powerful ruler of mewar, to commemorate his victory over the muslim rulers of malwa  and Gujarat.

Rana kumbha’s palace ;

The ruined edifice of great historical and architectural interest , being the most massive monument in the fort of chittaur. The palace is believed to have underground cellars where rani padmini and other women committed jauhar.

Padmini’s palace;

Built beside a pool the palace is a magnificent one. It was here that rana rattan singh showed a glimpse of queen padmini to alauddin khilji , rani padmini stood in a ‘zanana mahal ‘- a pavilion in the centre and her reflection was visible to alauddin khilji in a mirror  placed in the main hall . after having a glimpse of the legendary beauty, alauddin went to the extend to ravaging chittaur in order to possess her.

Kumbha shyam temple;

Built during the region of rana kumbha in the indo-aryan style, the temple is aassociated with the mystic poetess meerabai –an ardent Krishna devotee. She was the wife of prince bhojraj.

Kalika mata temple ;

Originally built  as a sun temple in the 8th century the temple was later converted to the mother goddess kali –the symbol of power and valour.

Government museum ;

The magnificent fateh prakash mahal, presently a fine  museum with an exquisite example of sculputres from temple and building in the fort is worth  a visit . entry fee rs 200 . closed on Fridays.

Kirti stambh [tower of flame];

The 22mts high tower by a wealthy jain merchant in the 12th century A.D.  the tower is dedicate to adinathji, the first of the jain tirthankaras and is decorated with figures of the jain pantheon.

The fort ;

The indomitable pride of chittaur ,the  fort is a massive structure with many gateways  built by the later maurya  rulers in 7th century A.D. perched on a height of 180mts. High hill it sprawls over  700 acres. The tablets  and chattris within are impressive reminders of the Rajput heroism.

Jaimal & patta palaces;

The ruins of palaces of rathore jaimal and sisodia patta are witness to the gallantry of these great warriors.

Meerabai temple ;

Temple where meerabai worshipped lord Krishna is built in north indian style on a raised plinth with a conical roof and beautiful inner sanctum . an open  colonnade around the sanctum has four small pavillions in each corner.

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