An astronomical observatory with masonry instruments built in 1724 by maharaja jai  singh –ll, the mathematician and astronomer king of Jaipur. The instruments are intended to show the  movements of the sun , moon , etc.


 Popularly known as birla mandir, it is a large hindu temple built in orissan style, in 1938, by the renowned birla family. People of all faiths  can worship at this temple.


 Qutub minar is an excellent example of afghan architecture. The minar is a  72.5 mts. High victory tower, the construction  of which began  in the final year of twelth century by qutubu’d din – aibak  and was later completed by his successors .


Situated atop the kalkaji hill. It is also known as “ the lotus temple “ due to its distinctive lotus shaped design in marble. It was built in 1987 by the followers of baha’I faith. The temple signifies the purity and equality of all religions. { Monday closed }


At the western end of lodhi road is situated the safdarjung tomb built in 1753 – 54 by the son of the second nawab of qudh { Monday only }



BUILT BY SHAHJAHAN THE BUILDER OF THE Taj mahal in agra .The construction lasted from 1639 to 1648 (Monday closed .


Jama Masjid :

Jama masjid is the lagest masque in india and stands across the road from the red fort built in 1656 by shahjaha about 20,000people can pray here at a time (drive past.)


The simple square plateform of black marble marks the place where the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi was cremated.

Humayan’s Tomb :

Built by humayun’s widow queen haji begum in the 16th centuary it is supposed to be prototype of the Tajmahal at agra.

 Places To Visit Sikandra (Akbar’s Tomb )

Akbar mausoleum lies here.it is a combination of hindu muslim and Persian architecture

Taj Mahal

The most alaborate tomb ever erected in memory of beloved wife mumtaz mahal in 1652 by emperor shah jahan .Taj Mahal is built of pure white marble and is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world .

Agra fort built by three generations of mughul emperors in around 100 years and is about 400 years old.

Third Agra sikandra Taj Mahal (Agra fort only in summer)

Fatehpur sikri :37kms from agra fatehpur sikri as we see it today comprises the remains of new capital that akbar built .

Bharatpur Bird Santuary

Famous for water birds (only in winter)

Jaipur :

Hawa mahal (drive past)

The place of wind with numerous casements is the landmark of Jaipur built by maharaja sawai pratap singh in 1799 ad.

Amer Fort :

A magnificent fort palaces and the remains of the ancient city are the high spots . other sight are several royal cenotaphs hindu & jain temples  dilaram gardens and archological museum .

City  Palace:

Nestled in the  city palace an imposing blend of traditional rajasthani and Mughal art.

Jantar Mantar:

An astronomical observatory built by maharaja swai jai singh in 1728.

Bhaleswa Lake:

Bhaleswa lake is a water sports and recreational comple of delhi tourism .the area has a natural lake spreading over an area of 10 acres .the comple  situated on the outer ring ring road opposite Jahangir puri (12km from isbt ) bhaleswa lake is 1.2 km long and approx. 200 m wide delhi tourism imparts kayaking and canoeing training to water loving as-pirants at the lake .the offers paddle boats water scooters speed boats hover crafts and other recreational facilities .

Azad hind gram Azad hind gram tourist complex at tikri kalan is a project developed by delhi  tourism to hounour netaji subhash Chandra bose and to create quality leisure space and wayside amenities for the citizens the complex is located with in two kms of delhi and Haryana border on  NH –10, the elaborate mosaic domes surmounting the museum and the memorial. The complex offers the facilities of extensive plazas, an amphitheatre, tourist information centre, souvenir and gardens shop, food kiosks, a restaurant, public toilet, drinking water and public telephone.

Delhi tours packages

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