one of the most religious destinations in the state,visited by thousands each years.A motorable roads goes upto hadsar,18kms from the sub-divisional headquarters of bharmour. well defined track from Hadsar, gradual ascent of three hours brings up the flat camping ground of can either camp here or push on to the lake.the climbs  gets steeper from through bander ghati ,across gauri nallah, past gaurikund where it is customary for ladies to take a dip .the track has been much improved by the many streams of snow melt cascading down the flanks of the massive range behind.on a clear day one can see mount kailash to the north: the devout consider themselves blessed if  they  get a sighting of the peak  which is usually wrapped in thick clouds. camping here is a special experience, especially if the night is can return to bharmour in one day

manimahesh trekking

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