rupa valley – spiti valley trek

This is 7 to 8 days trek  which starts from shi asu 31’43 n , 78 ‘ 32 e situated on the Hindustan – Tibet road; the village can be reached by bus from kalpa . at shi asu there are a few eating shops, a provision store and a pwd rest house.

Best period ;- august 1 to September 30

The track from shi asu to sangnam heads n.w.  and is a  gradual climb of 9kms . sangnam is a large village with a  few shops and a temple. From there to ropa 2925 mts is another gradual ascent of 6kms through apricot orchards. This is the last village on this route. Essential provisions and kerosene oil is  available here. The trail continues up along the ropa gad  crosses a stream before rangbar camping ground about 14kms from ropa village. From rangbar, it is a stiff climb of about 4kms to get to panktil 4010 mts , which stands high up overlooking the confluence of the ropa gad and the chuktanjan gad flowing down from n.w. a few shepherds’ huts are also located there. From panktil the trail follows the shepherds’ track northwards, dropping gradually along the  course of the ropa gad to reach sumdo thatch 3660,mts; this is a beautiful meadow over looked by the peaks of manirang 6593mts and singikang

The trail then leaves the ropa gad and climbs steeply for 300mts on to a rocky ridge, which it traverses; then it descends to the pamchung camping ground 3960mts. A big overhang can  be seen between sumdo thatch and pamchung; it is customary camping site for shepherds during the journey.

The next stage from pamchung to rankali 4420mts is again a stiff climb of about 4kms. Rankali is at the foot of the manirang pass, and from there the trail continues through the centre of a gully . the climb to the manirang pass 5600mts is long and gradual  and takes about 8hrs. the manirang peak 6593mts stands to the north – east of the pass. From the pass the trail drops steeply to sapona in spiti valley, then goes on to mane village, situated on the right bank of the spiti river.

A few kms beyond, the trail crosses the spiti river over a bridge between sichling and puh and meets the main road for manali  and Shimla. From there one can  take a bus either for manali over the kunzam and rothang passes or for  Shimla via wangtu and Rampur.

Rupin pass trekking

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